Updates at RTR Pilates, Meet Katharina K! // By Leeor Vylet Kelly

You may have noticed several new names on the schedule lately. That’s because our training team has been diligently working to train new instructors, and onboard them to our team so we can continue providing our signature Pilates classes that you’ve come to love!

This “Meet Our Team” series will roll out monthly to introduce you to our team!

Meet Katharina K! Katharina came to us with a background in mat Pilates but was hungry to learn more so she dove into our in house training program!

Why do you LOVE Pilates Katharina?

Pilates makes me feel happy and healthy!

How did you start instructing at RTR Pilates?

I always loved Pilates, the classical style, RTR, and the contemporary style. As soon as I heard RTR was also training new instructors I wanted to take this chance in addition to other fitness certificates I had. Never regretted it! 

When you’re not teaching, where can we find you?

You can find me at home or outside with my four kids and dog (on the weekends also with my husband!) It has been less teaching the last year because of the pandemic. Whenever we can, we go for hikes and walks, etc.

I also love traveling, spending time with family etc. Wherever I am, I definitely need to move and learn.

Top 3 artists/songs for your Pilates music playlist:

I love music but I think I am pretty boring and take, depending on my mood and the time of the day, a playlist from other instructors or go with “Happy Hits”. Love this playlist!  As soon as life gets to normal, I plan on focusing on music more 😉 

Favorite Pilates exercise/movement & why?

That’s a tough one! I love so many exercises… really depends on the day and my mood… Feet in straps are definitely great but I love planks as well because I can feel my whole body!

At the moment, I am practicing my teaser – so maybe I like this one one as well… Oh and I like rowing on the reformer or mat- great for core and arms but also a good stretch! I

What is your must-have item when teaching Pilates?

As long as I have a reformer and nice clients I am happy. Adding music, a mic and some water to drink too is perfect!

What’s the one thing you want your clients to feel when/after taking your class?

I want clients to feel better afterwards– whatever that means to them: Feeling stronger, more relaxed, stretched. I love when they say “I feel an inch taller”. I love if they feel that shake and have a good mind body connection. Proud that they reached a new personal goal or that they tried something new etc.

Currently Katharina subs mostly in Chevy Chase, be sure to find her when you can because you won’t want to miss her classes!


Updates at RTR Pilates, January 2021! // By Leeor Vylet Kelly

How is it already the end of January?

Here at RTR Pilates we’ve been busy, busy, busy ensuring we can continue to provide a safe space for our clients! Keep reading to learn all about what we have going on and what’s in store!


On Friday, January 22nd we were very happy to re-open our doors to the Palisades, DC community!

A few weeks prior we had to shut down that location in order to stay in accordance with local regulations regarding COVID-19. Since socially distanced fitness classes are allowed to run again in DC we are thrilled to be back!

Interested in trying out this location? Click HERE to book a class in Palisades!

We are taking measures to ensure everyone’s safety and therefore we’ll be operating at this location as well as at all studios, under our current COVID safe procedures some of which are included below:

  • Everyone in the studio is masked at all times.
  • HEPA air filters installed and operating during classes
  • Front door is open to allow for air circulation
  • Instructors will take client temperatures upon entering and sanitation stations are available as well.

For more on all the measurements we’re taking at this time Click HERE!


2020 was ROUGH! But we are so grateful to each and every one of you for supporting our small business, sticking with us, and trusting us to provide your favorite reformer Pilates classes! Thankfully our hard work is paying off, just take a look at what our clients have to say!


The season for gift giving may be over… or maybe not? We’re featuring adorable items and new designs in our Pop Up Boutique in Potomac! Just in time for Valentine’s Day!

We’ve got everything from luxurious lip balms and nail polish sets, to new styles from your favorite brands including Free People, Wildfox and more!

Be sure to check it out next time you’re in Potomac or email to book an exclusive reservation for you and your quarantine pod!


Since Valentine’s Day is around the corner, we wanted to bring our gift cards back! You can purchase an e-gift card online or if you’re interested in purchasing a physical gift card simply email me at and I can help you out!


Yup! It’s happening again, our training department is busy training our instructors-to-be! That means you may have an instructor-in-training team teach a portion of your Pilates classes in the coming weeks!

This is an integral part of our training program to help build the experience and skill level of our new instructors. To see if your classes are affected simply visit the schedule through a desktop computer (unfortunately team teachers do not appear on the schedule through mobile or through the app.) We’re excited and hoping to introduce two new instructors to the schedule come March so stay tuned!

That’s all for now and thanks again for being part of our RTR Pilates community. Until next time, see you in class!