What Makes RTR Pilates the BEST?! // By Leeor Kelly

Want to know what makes RTR Pilates stand out above all other Pilates studios? Read below!

1.) Community: RTR Pilates is a judge-free zone. We want anyone and everyone who thinks Pilates is not for them to give us a try and with leveled classes on the schedule 7 days a week—it’s easy! Our welcoming, calm, clean space is inviting and the small group exercise format allows for our clients to get to know one another, inspire and motivate each other. The energy in the room is contagious! Our clients often express how much they look forward to visiting RTR Pilates not just to get a good workout in but to see their ‘Pilates friends’ and nothing holds you more accountable than a workout buddy!

2.) Classes: With five Pilates studios in the DMV area, (and one in the outskirts of Denver, CO) ranging from Potomac, MD, Washington, DC and Great Falls, VA there is absolutely no excuse to get your Pilates on! We allow our clients to schedule themselves into classes up to two-months in advance and we offer leveled classes as early as 6:15 AM and as late as 7:15 PM with lots of times in between. Also unlike other Pilates studio, our classes are leveled so no matter your fitness level, there is always a class for you! New to Pilates? A Level 1 Class is perfect for you! Ready to kick it up a notch? Try a Level 1/2 or Level 2. Want to get your sweat on and feel confident rocking the reformer? Try a Level 2/3 or Level 3 & burn it out with us!

3.) Flow: RTR Pilates classes are designed to get you moving and grooving, feeling the burn in all the right places and just like that— class is over! Our instructors are experts at reading the room and designing classes that are fun, interactive and that give your body a fully balanced workout.

We never keep you in one place for too long, just long enough to find the correct form and of course to feel the burn in the targeted muscle groups. Class flows are dynamic and creative with constant attention and feedback from the instructor and no two classes are alike! We incorporate flexion, extension, and activating push and pull muscles, balance exercises and focused breathing in each class. Our number one priority is individual safety so our instructors offer a multitude of modifications and hands-on adjustments to give your body the burn and stretch it’s craving in just under an hour.

Pilates Class Image 4

4.) Team: Time and time again our clients express that the #1 reason they keep rocking the reformer with us is our expert team of instructors. Our team is diverse holding a mass of certifications from institutions such as Basi Pilates, Stott Pilates, & Balanced Body. Our in-house- training program arms future instructors with everything they need to know to conduct a top-notch group reformer Pilates class on the Allegro II reformer.  Each instructor brings their own individual style to every class they teach, motivating and inspiring every client in the classroom and hopefully outside the classroom too.

5.) Technology: Thanks to modern technology, we have the ability to empower our clients to be in charge of their own schedule. Our policies are simple to follow, and the schedule is massive—making it very easy to sign yourself up for class wherever and whenever you’d like! Also with the RTR Pilates App it has never been easier to sign up for class on the go!

Some important tips, always double-check which location your app or schedule is set to be sure you are signing up for the right studio! Also, don’t ignore class levels—to get the most out of your workout and for your safety, be sure to only sign up for the class level that is appropriate to your level of fitness. We streamline the process of signing up, cancelling, and purchasing classes by making the whole experience online. Also our self-check out registers at all studios make it easy to purchase retail items like grip socks and more! For more information visit our FAQ page.