RTR Pilates Hosts Fundraiser Class August 12th. Donations to Help Lebanon // by Alex GM.

Hi everyone! Alex here, I’m one of the RTR instructors, I teach mainly in the Great Falls, McLean and Palisades studios. 

As you may have heard, a massive explosion occurred in Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday August 4th, 2020. It is my mother’s country of origin and the place I call home. Although my family is safe, my country is bleeding. The death toll keeps rising and over 5,000 are injured. Some of my family, along with over 300,000 others have lost their homes. Food stocks are depleted, hospitals are incapacitated and with the main port destroyed, they are bracing themselves for famine and severe shortages in medical supplies. This tragedy comes at a time when the country is in an unprecedented economic crisis, battling the pandemic and political instability. 

While I cannot be there to help my family and friends clean up the wreckage, I am working alongside others to collect donations and raise funds that will go to the Red Cross in Lebanon (LRC). 

I would be incredibly grateful for some help from my RTR community! If you can, some ways you can help me to support victims of this terrible event include: