The Power of Habits for a Healthier Life

Our day-to-day lives can get crazy busy – trust us, we know. When work piles up, mid-terms are looming in class, your kid’s pick up is in a hour, and you haven’t figured out dinner or slept all week, it can seem impossible to do all the things you need to do. The power of habits can make all the difference when it comes to giving into burnout vs. staying on track towards our goals.

When our lives are hectic, it becomes even more important to take care of ourselves with healthy habits like good sleep, exercise, and eating food that fuels your body. These practices are powerful methods to support your mind, body, and spirit, especially when everything else in life seems up in the air.

That’s where habit loops come in.

How To Make Your Habits Work For You

When it comes to healthy choices, like getting enough sleep, eating vegetables, and exercising every day, the best habits form when you make it as easy as possible to say yes. Yes to getting 8 hours of sleep, yes to drinking enough water, yes to fitting in a couple Pilates classes this week.

But what do we mean when we say, “make it easy to say yes?”

We have a limited amount of willpower throughout the day, and a limited amount of time. If we have to go out of our way to make healthy choices, then it’s that much harder to do everything we want to do.

Instead, make it easy to say yes to healthy habits by building them into your day. When we make habits automatic, we create “habit loops.”

Habit loops, coined by Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit, are neurological cues in our brain that reward routine and cues, so that when we encounter a specific circumstance, our brain cues up the habit response, such as “drink water,” “take a walk,” or “time for bed”.

We can trigger these habit loops by building flexibility into our daily lives and creating environments where we can say “yes” to healthy routines, such as:

  • Meal prepping one day of the week, so it’s easy to have healthy meals on hand
  • Keeping a pair of sneakers at home and in your car, so you can take a walk whenever you have 20 minutes to spare
  • Having multiple water bottles and bring one with you wherever you go, so you can stay hydrated
  • Finding a flexible workout you love, so you can fit it into your schedule whenever you can.

If you make it as easy as possible to follow healthy practices, then it is that much easier to integrate them into your life, and create balance in an unpredictable day.

Pilates Fits Into Every Lifestyle

When it comes to creating consistent habits that support a healthy lifestyle, Pilates is a fantastic exercise. It’s an efficient, whole body workout that you can complete in an hour, and it not only increases strength and mobility, but also helps to manage stress and prevent injury.

Here at RTR, we’ve worked to remove as many barriers as possible to joining a class, so it’s easy to say yes to your health and wellness.

With five locations across the DMV, we’ve purposefully chosen locations that are 20 minutes apart. We offer more than 300 classes/week, varying from 6:15am – 7:15pm. All of our class packages apply to any class in any RTR studio location, and we’ve focused our membership pricing towards making regular classes affordable, with both monthly class packages and student pricing.

So no matter where you are or when you have the time, there’s a Pilates class that can work with your schedule.

Join us today and learn how RTR Pilates fits into your consistently inconsistent life.

Get your first month of unlimited classes for just $129, and start building healthy habits with us today. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you!


The RTR Method: Pilates, Engineered.

Creating a place to thrive

Since our first studio opened in 2006, RTR has always focused on creating an environment where communities can thrive. From our training programs to class structures, we’ve put decades of research into making every class that much more effective, efficient, and engaging for our clients.

The end result is an intuitive, challenging Pilates experience that will keep you coming back for more, whether it’s your 1st or 100th class.

What makes RTR so different

We believe that the best classes come from studios that support confident, empowered instructors.

So that’s what we do.

Through our unique training program, we empower instructors to create programs that integrate their own style and personality with efficient flows and effective exercises. While most instructor training programs only focus on teaching exercises by muscle groups, we take that focus and add in the a bit of engineering.

We focus on how to create a more efficient class, and as a result, a more efficient workout.

Rather than grouping exercises by muscle group, which can have you twisting, turning around, and changing spring loads every two minutes, our engineer Pilates programs focus instead on building exercise flows based on direction and spring load. By building the class around direction, we save valuable time and allow for more exercises within a single class. This focus results in a more challenging workout with more exercises in the same time period as a traditional studio class.

Intentional inconsistency that keeps you engaged

Because of our unique, science-driven program, you’ll find challenging workouts at each of our five studios, whether you always take the 9:00am, or fit in whatever class whenever you can.

We all know that boredom is the kiss of death in any exercise routine – we need excitement, challenge, and creativity to keep us engaged in healthy habits. Just like you wouldn’t want to eat the same meals every day for the rest of your life, it’s important to create a similar variety in your exercise routines.

In most traditional Pilates studios, you’ll find the same 3 or 4 classes on repeat every week. But our bodies are smart, and they adapt quickly to stress. If we repeat the same 3 or 4 classes every week, our muscles will grow used to them, and so will our minds. Variety is key to keeping our bodies and brains engaged, so that we can build long-term, sustainable habits that foster a healthy lifestyle.

We foster a culture of creativity where our clients can thrive, week after week, year after year.

That’s why here at RTR, we take pride in knowing that no two classes are the same. Our instructors bring their own spin to RTR’s science-backed techniques and flows to build whole-body workouts that continuously challenges our clients.

So no matter what class you attend, you’ll always find an efficient, effective class, with an expert pilates instructor ready to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.

About RTR

RTR Pilates is the premiere DMV community for wellness-minded adults who want to combat pain, manage stress, strengthen and restore their bodies, and empower themselves in all aspects of life.

“I founded RTR in 2006 as Potomac Pilates to fill a hole that I saw in my community. There was a physical hole, yes (RTR became the first Pilates studio in Potomac), but also room for improvement in Pilates classes themselves. With my undergrad in electrical engineering, I was trained to look at systems and figure out how to make them better. As a Pilates instructor, I took the science of anatomy and Pilates and merged it with the science of systems that I learned in my undergrad.

I focused on developing a Pilates class based in science and designed to achieve the most efficient full-body workout possible.

17 years and five RTR studios later, the result is Pilates, engineered.“ -Reina Offutt, founder and owner of RTR studios

Are you ready to rock the reformer?

Get your first month of unlimited classes for just $129.

Interested in becoming a certified RTR Pilates instructor?

Learn more about our Pilates instructor trainings to turn your passion into a profession.


Pilates for Men

When Joseph Pilates created Contrology – what would eventually become Pilates – during World War I, he was not thinking of women specifically, or ballet dancers at all.

He first began developing his program training male wrestlers and boxers. He rigged springs to hospital beds, enabling bedridden patients to exercise against resistance. It was this innovation that led to his later equipment designs, and eventually to Pilates as we know it today.

Later, when his first studio shared an address with the New York City Ballet, the practice evolved to support injury recovery and prevention for many of the dancers. From this early development, Pilates grew as a stereotypically feminine exercise.

But come to an RTR studio today and we’ll show you – there’s nothing easy or “feminine” about our Pilates classes. Pilates is a whole-body workout that improves strength, mobility, and core control: all things that lead to a healthier you, regardless of age or gender.

The Benefits of Pilates for Men

Most men find Pilates because of an injury that prevents them from doing the exercises or sports that the love. And many of Pilates’ original ballet dancers loved the exercise for the same reason so many men find it beneficial to their health today: Pilates focuses on holistic stretching and strengthening, which can eliminate aches and pains associated with aging or injury.

But don’t mistake Pilates for an easy class: it’s freaking hard.

Athletes love Pilates because it integrates a challenging, whole-body workout with exercises that support long-term health.

Pilates classes spend significant time on exercises that alleviate issues related the hamstrings and lower back. Our instructors integrate hamstring flexibility exercises and hip mobility movements throughout class.

But many people don’t realize that the glute muscles are also critical to supporting the knees and hamstrings. The body is an interconnected unit, and the exercises we do in class to strengthen the glute are more than just for show. A strong glute takes pressure from the knees and hamstrings, creating a balanced lower body that redistributes stress away from common pain points.

Similarly, Pilates’ emphasis on plank exercises builds abs alongside a stronger back, creating balance in the body that can prevent lower back pain. And all that torque and rotation on the reformer? It builds elbow and shoulder strength, too.

By addressing specific muscle groups, our exercises result in an overall stronger you.

An inclusive, challenging environment

RTR Pilates is the premiere DMV community for wellness-minded adults who want to combat pain, manage stress, strengthen and restore their bodies, and empower themselves in all aspects of life.

We focus on creating an inclusive studio environment and fantastic workout for clients of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. But we also focus on the science of exercise. Here at RTR, our proprietary, science-based method combined with the Allegro II Reformer delivers an effective whole-body workout, every time.

So, whether you want to add some variety in your workouts, alleviate aches and pains, or become a healthier version of yourself, we’re here to help.

You don’t have to age in pain, or live with body aches, or only do painful exercise programs. Through our engineered Pilates classes, we’ll lead you through movements that create strength and balance. And at RTR, we help our clients build an awareness of their bodies throughout life, not just in class.

I LOVE Pilates! who knew? I’m a 65-year-old man who, prior to my shoulder surgery 1 1/2 years ago, thought Pilates ‘was for girls’ (ha ha). My PT promised I could stop PT (after 9 months) if I did Pilates for a month. Instead, I got hooked. I play pickleball, race sailboats, and rough house with grandchildren. Pilates has really improved my senses of balance, stability and mindful use of different parts of my body. Too bad more men don’t appreciate it but hey, if they did, the classes would probably take on a weird competitive or macho quality, totally at odds with the underlying ethos of it.’ -Jon a happy, healthy RTR Pilates Client

The end result is a stronger, happier, healthier you.

Give the Gift of RTR this Father’s Day!

Ready to share Pilates with the amazing fathers in your life? Look out for our fathers day flash sale!


Double December Membership REWARD!

As a thank you for your continued support and devotion through the pandemic, RTR is gifting all members twice as many classes as their membership allows for the month of December. Double down this December and come twice as much 🙂  

Historically, every class at RTR has been associated with a 2 point value.  Starting December 1st: all classes will have a ‘1 point’ value going forward.

All classes booked prior to November 30th will retain the 2 point value allocated at the time of booking. 

Any classes booked December 1st and beyond will pull 1 point from your current membership.

To take advantage of this point adjustment for classes you have already booked but haven’t taken yet YOU (THE CLIENT) MUST CANCEL THE RESERVATION AND REBOOK IT! 

For example: a Monthly 8 Membership which has a 16 point value and prior to 11/30/21 allowed you to take 8 classes during your billing cycle. This will now allow you to take 16 classes through your January billing date at no additional cost.

During Double December only your current membership will be honored. Any membership tier adjustments will be accommodated starting with your January billing cycle.

To reiterate, to take advantage of this point adjustment for classes you have already booked in December but haven’t taken yet YOU (THE CLIENT) MUST CANCEL THE RESERVATION AND REBOOK IT! 

The administrative staff is unable to reassign any points retroactively. 

Thank you again for your support through the past year and we hope we all finish 2021 stronger, better and with more Pilates (& love) in our lives!


Introducing RTR’s Instructor Bridge Program!

RTR Pilates is running an instructor bridge program designed for existing and certified Pilates instructors in the Metro-DC area to quickly assimilate to the RTR style of teaching. 

The program includes (2) in-person sessions, (1) virtual Zoom on-boarding session and FREE Pilates during the program.

We’ll be hosting these sessions at the following times/dates:

     Friday, Oct 15: 12pm-2:30pm Palisades Studio (5185 MacArthur Blvd)

     Friday, Oct 22: 12pm-2:30pm Palisades Studio (5185 MacArthur Blvd)

     Tuesday, Oct 26: 10am-1pm Virtual Zoom – Studio Procedures

Start Date: NOV 1, 2021

Why Teach For RTR?

RTR Pilates has five Metro-Dc studios (Potomac, Chevy Chase, Palisades-DC, McLean & Great Falls). 300 classes  per week. Competitive wage, health benefits for full-time instructors – must teach 20+ hours weekly to be consider fulltime. 

We block teaching schedules with back-to-back classes, so that you, as an instructor, can maximize your time. 

A typical full-time employee’s weekly schedule will have 4 ‘short days’ of 4 classes in a row. One long day of a 4 class block, a break and then a 2-3 class block. Two full days off per week. One weekend day of work required – but not both! 🙂

100% vaccine required – instructors, staff AND CLIENTS.  Safe, clean, supported environment.

You are treated as a Pilates’ professional with a support staff to handle things like: reformer repair, class subs, client payment, studio cleaning, etc. 

It is our goal, as an organization, to give you one job: TEACH STELLAR CLASSES!  

We try to handle all the other B.S. 😉 that comes along with industry.

How Do I Sign-Up?

Fill out the informational form HERE! 

A member of our training team will set-up a brief phone call designed to answer any questions you may have and gauge if this organization is a good fit for you.

A PayPal link will be sent within 24-hours of approval for the $100 fee for this bridge program which includes:

     – 5 hours of in-person training

     – 3 hours of virtual training

     – Free Classes through October 31, 2021

     – A path to a career in Pilates

Application Closes October 12, 2021. We look forward to your applications!


Great Falls Open House Saturday, May 8th 2021! // By Leeor Kelly

Stuck in a quarantine rut? Looking for a new workout routine to fall in LOVE with?

Come to our Open House in Great Falls! And try our signature reformer pilates classes for FREE!

Saturday, May 8th, 10 AM – 2 PM

We’ll be offering 3 FREE 45 minute trial classes at 11:15, 12:15, & 1:15 

The FREE trial classes are for people new to RTR Pilates, if you’re a current member, be sure to tell your friends and neighbors as this offer doesn’t come around often!

A brief intro to the equipment followed by a few demo exercises will take place. These classes are not designed for existing clients of RTR Pilates but rather people who are totally new to our studio!

Spaces limited so be sure to SIGN UP TODAY!

We’ll also be offering NEW studio-to-streetwear apparel and grip socks available for purchase.

For more information click the link:

In order to keep everyone safe, masks must be worn at all times within the studio and socks must be worn to take class.

Since 2006, RTR Pilates has grown to five locations in McLean, VA, Chevy Chase, MD, the Palisades neighborhood of Washington, D.C., the flagship location of Potomac, MD and we opened our doors in Great Falls, VA in 2017.

In our 12+ years of business we have grown to offering over 275 classes weekly, seeing 300 clients daily, thus making it one of the region’s busiest, most successful, and easily recognizable Pilates brands.
RTR Pilates was voted ‘Best Pilates Studio’ in Washingtonian Magazine’s ‘Best of DC’ 2020 and July 2017 issue and has won this same title since 2015. During the pandemic, we were forced to close our studios in March 2020 for just a short time and have since been able to re-open our doors at all DMV locations while taking all precautions necessary to ensure our client and team member safety.

These measure include taking client temperatures upon entering the studios, sanitizing stations, spacing reformers to be 6 ft. apart, smaller class sizes, and enforcing masks to be worn at all times by staff and members.

Since re-opening we have been applauded by our clientele for continuing to provide reformer Pilates classes they know and love while making every effort to keep everyone safe in our studios.

With our great success in Northern Virginia, the natural next step according to founder and President Reina Offutt was to further serve this area by appealing to prospective clients in Great Falls, Tysons Corner, Vienna and Reston, VA.

If you are new to our studios, be sure to check us out at our Open House on Saturday, May 8th!

Thank you for your cooperation and support and see you then!


Updates at RTR Pilates: Meet Susan D! // By Leeor Kelly

You may have noticed several new names on the schedule lately. That’s because our training team has been diligently working to train new instructors, and onboard them to our team so we can continue providing our signature Pilates classes that you’ve come to love!

This “Meet Our Team” series will roll out monthly to introduce you to our team!

Meet Susan D! Susan is a recent grad of our in-house training program and she’s a wonderful addition to our team! She started taking Pilates classes with us when our Great Falls studio opened and she’s been hooked ever since! She provides a thoughtful and thorough Pilates class Keep on reading to learn all about her!

Why do you LOVE Pilates Susan?

Simply…the full body energy and power I feel. Knowing every strength move has a stretch move. 

The power between those two is amazing and has really transformed my conditioning.  Plus.. when doing Pilates, you don’t even realize how strong and flexible you are getting. The cues from the instructors take you “from the every day” and give you a wonderful, peaceful, strong, challenging, engaged 50 minutes of your own.    

How did you start instructing at RTR Pilates?

Though I am/have been a friend of the owner for years, my first class and when I joined was when the Great Falls VA studio opened. It’s that crossing the river thing, I guess. LOL. 

I felt a difference immediately after a year or so of joining, I retired from corporate life and got more hooked.  I erased years of bad, sedentary habits of corporate life and felt so good!  So with extra time on my hands and a love of Pilates, I decided to give teaching a try.

When you’re not teaching, where can we find you?

Three places you can typically find me — playing on the golf course, cheering for a VT sports team (in the stadium for football, hopefully), and/or loving and caring for any one of my 5 animals which usually means vet visits, feeding, poop, and play!  Did I mention hanging with friends, dining out, wine tasting, plus, plus!   

Top 3 artists/songs for your Pilates music playlist:

It changes a lot, but right now, I am into artists like Jack Johnson, Eric Church and Alec Benjamin.  As for songs, “Anyway” by Entrain – super easy, super fun!

Favorite Pilates exercise/movement & why?

My heart jumps for joy when I hear short spine/long spine!  Favorite strength and stretch move.  Using only the abs to get into your inversion challenges me and then the release through so many parts – spine, hips, hamstrings – creating space feels awesome.  That, and of course, leg circles!

What is your must-have item when teaching Pilates?

Lesson plan!! I know the classes I love and want to do the best for the clients that take time to 1) choose RTR Pilates over other choices, and now that RTR Pilates is the choice 2) chose to take time out for whatever is going on in their life to make a commitment to a class.  So long answer to short – just want to do the best I can for the clients!  

What’s the one thing you want your clients to feel when/after taking your class?

That it was a good 50 minutes spent on THEM! On their conditioning.. on their strength… on their flexibility.  (Just like any Pilates instructor, “one” turns into 3 more minimum! )

You can find Susan teaching in Mclean and Great Falls! Come try her out when you can!


Updates at RTR: Meet Erin O! // By Leeor Kelly

You may have noticed several new names on the schedule lately. That’s because our training team has been diligently working to train new instructors, and onboard them to our team so we can continue providing our signature Pilates classes that you’ve come to love!

This “Meet Our Team” series will roll out monthly to introduce you to our team!

Meet Erin O! Erin is a recent grad of our in-house training program and she’s a natural born leader! She will hype you up and encourage you all throughout class while playing funk music and cracking jokes to make you smile! Keep on reading to learn all about her!

Why do you LOVE Pilates Erin?

For me, Pilates is the best way to align, strengthen, and mobilize my body so that I can keep doing all of the other activities in my life. I always walk out of a class feeling taller, stronger, and more symmetrical and I hope my students do as well. 

How did you start instructing at RTR Pilates?

I’ve been a client since they were located in the top room of the Potomac Tennis Club! I received my mat certification a few years ago and I am working toward a certification in functional movement. When the call for new RTR instructors came during the pandemic, I jumped at the chance to go through their training program and join the team. 

When you’re not teaching, where can we find you?

This made me laugh because my friends and family would unanimously chime in, “On the tennis or paddle tennis court!“

Top 3 artists/songs for your Pilates music playlist:

ABBA, Kool & the Gang/KC & the Sunshine Band, and a wide array of 70s hits!

Favorite Pilates exercise/movement & why?

Oooh, that’s a tough one. I feel like I’m constantly seeing and learning so many awesome moves. I do appreciate a good lunge series that incorporates a balance challenge and I dig solo arm work with the strap. Gotta keep those shoulders and upper back strong and stabilized! 

What is your must-have item when teaching Pilates?

Water bottle and mints to keep my voice going. 

What’s the one thing you want your clients to feel when/after taking your class?

I want them to feel glad that they came and, simultaneously, feel excited for their next Pilates class! 

You can find Erin in Chevy Chase Monday evenings, Thursdays and Saturdays mid-morning! She also teaches in Palisades on Wednesday mid-mornings and subs in Potomac when she can!


Updates at RTR Pilates: Meet Gayle C! // By Leeor Vylet Kelly

You may have noticed several new names on the schedule lately. That’s because our training team has been diligently working to train new instructors, and onboard them to our team so we can continue providing our signature Pilates classes that you’ve come to love!

This “Meet Our Team” series will roll out monthly to introduce you to our team!

Meet Gayle C! Gayle has been teaching with us for almost a full two years! She started in March of 2019 and has been a positive presence on our team ever since. Like many of our instructors, she came to us with a background in Pilates and barre but started with us as a client! She loved RTR’s contemporary approach to teaching reformer Pilates, she signed up for training and has been teaching with us ever since!

Keep reading to learn more.

Why do you LOVE Pilates Gayle?

It makes me feel strong, calm and optimistic.

How did you start instructing at RTR Pilates?

Over the years as an RTR member, various instructors encouraged me to do it. Having been a Pilates student for 15 years, I knew my commitment to it was secure and finally decided to take the plunge. 

When you’re not teaching, where can we find you?

Walking with my teenagers, my friends or by myself; interviewing celebrities for; and in the warmer months, enjoying the sunshine at the pool, beach or tennis courts.

Top 3 artists/songs for your Pilates music playlist:

The Weeknd; Linds Ronstadt; Earth, Wind & Fire

Favorite Pilates exercise/movement & why?

Reverse Seated Ab Work, nothing makes your abs quiver than this, any variation!

What is your must-have item when teaching Pilates?

Sneakers for sure, to give me energy!

What’s the one thing you want your clients to feel when/after taking your class?

Clear headed; like they didn’t think about anything else for 50 minutes.

Currently Gayle teaches mostly in Great Falls and Mclean however she’s subbing at every studio this week February 22nd! (Lucky us) Be sure to check her out for a thoughtful and challenging workout!


Galentine’s Shopping Event Thursday, Feb. 11th! // by Gina Destro

It’s a GALENTINE’S Event!

Getting stir-crazy quarantining with your pod? We got you!

Join us Thursday, Feb. 11th 6 – 8PM for a fun Galentine’s Event in the Potomac Pop Up Shop!

Shop cute items for your bestie, daughter, gal pal, or yourself! The shop includes fun lip balm sets, nail polish, bath bombs, and SO MUCH MORE!

Come play spin the bottle for special savings. Don’t worry, you won’t have to kiss anyone!

Hope to see you there!

9812 Falls Rd Floor 2

Potomac, MD 20854