A Day in the Life of an RTR Pilates Instructor

Hi All!

I am SO excited to give you a little glimpse into my life on this rainy Monday. I’m often asked “Why don’t you teach at this studio more?” or “Do you do Pilates ALL the time?” and I thought that maybe this ‘day in the life’ series can give you a better idea of what life is like for an RTR Pilates Instructor and give you answers to those questions. Keep in mind this is not reflective of ALL the instructors at RTR Pilates, we all have families, other obligations, busy lives etc. But here’s a little taste of what a typical day looks like for me!

7:00 AM – Wake Up! ⛅️

I teach at 8:15 & 9:15 in our Potomac Studio on Mondays so I wake up an hour earlier, drink hot water with lemon, check who is signed up for my class and what I may need to modify as I play my favorite tunes (quietly) and get ready for work.

Driving in, coffee in hand, I’m often thinking about what I want to teach, which exercises I haven’t incorporated into my classes lately and what feels fresh and new to me. Now everyone is different I’m in my sixth year of my Pilates career so at this point I kind of go with the flow and don’t plan too much ahead but I do know of many instructors that come with their complete classes written out with notes and all. Which, as the Director of Instructor Development for RTR Pilates I highly recommend all new instructors do!

After finishing my Level 3 class with a brutal ab and inner thigh series it’s time for breakfast and I’m starved! 

Me this morning after teaching two classes in Potomac.

10:15 AM – Breakfast ☕️

Today I thought ahead and actually packed my breakfast. Gluten free oats, one apple, protein powder and almond butter. YUM! I prepped this bad boy up and took it to eat at my desk as I began checking emails.

It’s training season which means most of my time in the office consists of checking in with all my trainees and following up with trainers to make sure everyone is up to date and prepped for their training sessions. (If you’re interested in joining our training program this spring simply email me!)

12:30 PM – Snack Time

Pouring my second cup of cold brew grabbing some Greek yogurt and refilling my water bottle as I finish scheduling the studio’s social media for the next two weeks and uploading a post to our Instagram account. Follow us!

The photo I posted to our Instagram account today.

2:15 PM – Torture with Ulrick 

We RTR Pilates Instructors love a good butt kicking and I can always count on my friend Ulrick for a tough class. That’s why I signed up for his 2:15 Level 2 Class in Potomac. I’m working in the office anyway; why not take a little break? Lucky for me, both Reina and Monica signed up for class as well so we had a mini RTR Pilates Staff party! Normally I take Ulrick’s Level 3 Circuit Class which is a GREAT workout however I’m heading to the gym later and didn’t want to overdo it. Taking each other’s classes is a fun way to see fellow instructors, clients whose schedules may not match with yours and it also keeps our team fresh and inspires us with new material for the next time we teach! You get your workout done and research in for work, win-win! 

3:30 PM– Lunch

I finished my office work early and didn’t plan lunch so out of sheer laziness I headed across the street to the local Starbucks and picked up a Protein Bento Box to eat on my way to the gym.

4:15 – Gym Time 

Those who know me closely know that I’m a total gym rat. Of course I LOVE Pilates but gym time is my time. Plus it serves as a space where I can experiment with exercises and see if I can come up with something new I can introduce in class. Mostly, I use my gym workouts to push myself out of my comfort zone, get some mental clarity and exercise my stress away!

It’s Leg Day and if you think I’m brutal with my lunges in class I am just as tough on myself and I absolutely LOVE it. I did plenty of walking lunges, weighted squats, dead lifts and all my favorites that by the end of my 20-minute cardio session I was feeling the burn.

6:00 – Dinner Prep

On the way home from the gym I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some staples: chicken tenderloins, mushrooms, and asparagus. Now it’s time to cook! 

7:00 – Dinner w/ my Favorite Netflix Show 

Guys, I’ve been REALLY into Dark on Netflix. It’s a German thriller and so, so very interesting. Let me know if you’ve watched it next time I see you in class!

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

8:00 – Shower & Down Time with My Boo

My husband comes home late, earliest is 8:00 PM and we’re both usually so exhausted at this point we continue watching TV together while he eats dinner or I do my own thing while he paints. As a matter of fact, as I type this he’s beside me in his studio working away on a new painting! I’m about to put another episode of Dark on with the cat on my lap and a handful of jelly beans. By this point I usually fall asleep on the couch at around 11-11:30 PM and make my way to bed.

Tomorrow the cycle begins all over again and I’m back in the office at 9:00 AM before teaching three classes in Chevy Chase. By the end of the week I’ll have taught an average of 21 classes between 5 studios in the DC area, seen 144 clients, and have said “neutral spine” upwards of 1000 times. 😉

What does your week look like?!