I found Mat Pilates in early 2000 after a car accident. I couldn't dance ballet any longer and I needed something that lengthened and strengthened just like dance. Instantly I was hooked to the mental and physically benefits of Pilates. I brought Pilates to everyone I knew, my family, friends, and fellow Washington Redskins cheerleaders. People through to was a little crazy because back then it wasn't main stream, now they all do it!
In 2012 after practicing many different types of yoga and Pilates, I became certified through balance body and made my home at Potomac Pilates.
No matter how busy life gets at home or at work I am committed to Pilates once a day. The benefits are real, and they will change your life. Come take a class with me, I promise you will love it!
Kara is a former finance lawyer, and now consults in strategic crisis and risk management. She loves Pilates because it helps her find a different groove and connect with her body in a new way. She began taking classes in 2014, and it has been the most fun and rewarding exercise she has discovered.
When she first started, her body felt lethargic with creaky joints but Pilates has changed that dramatically. It has strengthened her body and increased her flexibility without fear of injury.
The RTR Pilates team has always been supportive, cheerful, funny, informative, and varied. Kara couldn't be more thrilled now to be part of such a fantastic group, and looks forward to helping her clients find their own groove. Just like she found hers.
Kristin Schneider
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A lifelong athlete, Maryland native, avid traveler, outdoor enthusiast, dog lover, mom of three and loyal client to RTR from the beginning, Shelley found that Pilates complements her active lifestyle. Pilates increases core strength, improves muscle imbalances, flexibility and can transform a body from bulky to long and lean....who cannot benefit from all of that?! Shelley's love of Pilates led her to complete Rock The Reformer Pilates instructor training. She hopes to help clients find their Pilates passion (and powerhouse!) while attending one of her classes.
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