Below is a sampling of what our clients have said about our Reformer Pilates Classes.




Lynley Mackenzie

I have always run, swam and cycled for fitness but 2 years ago, after my third herniated disc, a physiotherapist recommended Pilates as a way to strength my core and lower back. I had never exercised in a “gym like” setting before and I remember being so self-conscious in the first class, as I fumbled with equipment and struggled through the exercises.


To be honest, I didn’t take to Pilates immediately as I found it so sedentary, but I persevered as I had heard so much about the benefits. I started with 2 classes a week and it wasn’t long before I began to see the benefits for myself. My posture improved (I claim I have grown an inch) and my core strength began to develop. After increasing the number of classes to 3 a week I noticed my muscles became leaner and more defined. It took more than 6 months before I felt confident enough to try a Level 2 class and by then I was hooked, trying to get to Pilates as often as I could. Now I book classes around my schedule and in any week will attend Level 1, 2, and 3 classes.


I find the instructors are always willing to adapt the exercises so I always feel like I’m getting a whole body workout at any level. Thanks to Pilates I have no more back problems, and I am leaner and more toned. And there have been unforeseen benefits too. I recently did a triathlon and finished feeling the best I ever had with no aching muscles or stiffness. I have no doubt Pilates played a pivotal role with stretching and strengthening my muscles, making them more race ready!

Ellen Bender

I highly recommend Pilates to everyone, any age, and any fitness level. Unlike other exercise regimes, Pilates has strengthened and toned my entire body. My posture is better, my core is stronger and I have flexibility that I didn't think was possible. I go as often as I can and look forward to each class. Sidelines, pike-ups and the dreaded bands and ring work the best for me. My advice to anyone considering Pilates is try it! Find the time! With three studios offering classes seven days a week you can. Give yourself a chance to learn and ask questions when you need to. The instructors are great and always willing to help. Try different instructors, each have different routines which challenge you and it keeps it interesting. Consider investing in a package. They are a great deal and help you focus on your schedule. I promise you will be in the studio more than you thought possible. Finally… breathe! It really does help get you through the hard parts. I find this works in life as well.

Lindsey Crane

RTR Pilates is my favorite addiction. I started doing Pilates last January (2014) because yoga just wasn't cutting it. I immediately fell in love with RTR Pilates and their teachers. I would go every single day if I could! The instructors are knowledgeable, welcoming, and give you a GREAT work out at low impact. It's the first time in a long time that I actually get excited and look forward to working out!!! I would shout out my favorite teachers but I would basically be listing the entire RTR Pilates staff! Over the past 9 months I've lost 11 pounds and the only thing I've been doing differently is Pilates, so I'm proof, it really works!

I was concerned my new job would get in the way of my Pilates schedule but because they have early morning and late evening classes I am still able to squeeze a class in before or after work which I'm so grateful for. It's the perfect way to start or end my day, RTR is my happy place.

I love RTR Pilates! Definitely worth the cost.

Molly Hamilton

 I absolutely love RTR Pilates. I first started there after the birth of my fourth child. While the workouts were extremely challenging, the instructors had both the expertise and the demeanor to put me at ease and really build up my strength - and confidence. I have never felt so in shape - and addicted - to an exercise at a Pilates studio that is as friendly as a local, small town coffee shop.

K. Henry

Pilates has also truly helped "cure" my debilitating and chronic serious back problems. I was scheduled to have spinal fusion surgery in August of the year that Reina opened in 2006, but I was very wary. I could no longer sit down for more than 15 minutes at a time, and was taking so many pain killers, that I felt I had no choice. A couple of months before the scheduled surgery I decided to try acupuncture and Pilates as a last ditch effort to avoid it. The acupuncture got me over the pain hump and I cancelled the surgery. Pilates has basically kept me pain free for the past six years so that I will hopefully never need a spinal fusion!

Dr. Monica Parham

I have recommended RTR Pilates to numerous friends and patients because it has changed my life for the better and I would like everyone I know to be able to feels as great and healthy as I do!!

Tom Britton and Alice Stewart

RTR Pilates has provided me with excellent instruction over the past six months. April and the RTR Pilates team have made scheduling and adjusting classes a breeze! My core strength and overall flexibility achievements are truly remarkable. As a runner, my hips are noticeably more open which allows me to move more freely. I also feel stronger with more muscle tone. RTR Pilates' teachers provide detailed instructions for a wide variety of reformer and chair exercises. I personally recommend RTR Pilates to people of all ages and fitness levels who are interested in increasing their flexibility, balance and strength! Please give April a call today!

Bettina Lynn

I started at RTR Pilates just over a year ago, I had no prior experience with Pilates before starting, but had heard great things about it and had wanted to give it a try. Pilates has changed my life, in so many ways; some small and some very significant. During this past year I have notice that my body is in much better physical condition. My core is strong, my arms are defined, my legs feel strong and firm and my overall energy has improved tremendously. This is a very easy program to start and to stay with. I enjoy going to class every time I go, not only because the level of instruction is excellent, but because it is always different, new and exciting. At the end of every Pilates class you feel fantastic, you get through it and feel stronger for it.


To me, what makes my experience so rewarding doing Pilates is the people at RTR Pilates. This is not just a gym that you go to work out at. It is a place where the instructors, all of them, are excellent, personable, and take a genuine interest in your well being. It is a place of camaraderie and fun and I could not recommend them any higher then I do. Once you start you will become addicted, there are not many workouts that have that effect on you, and the results speak for themselves.

Ashlie Arndt

I have always been an avid boot camper, runner and gym goer. However, I never noticed a difference in my body- in fact I felt that through all those intense workouts I was actually getting bigger. Then RTR Pilates opened right near me, and I figured I would give it a try. It has not only transformed my body, but it has changed the way I think about working out. I am now leaner and more muscular then I have ever been and it’s all thanks to the dedicated instructors at RTR Pilates. Lindsay Davidson is by far my FAVORITE instructor out there. She is consistently changing our routines and researches various techniques on how best to maximize our workouts. She helps us get through the tough workouts with love and excellent conversation. I definitely see results from taking her class and love leaving the studio dripping in sweat! I can honestly say I am a “Lindsay Groupie” and follow her wherever she is teaching! But her Pilates classes have meant more to me than just a work out- I have truly made some amazing friends in her class and at RTR Pilates! Thank you for being such a great resource for me, I can’t wait to continue working out with you!