The Importance of Stretching

Your new lululemon pants shouldn't be the only thing stretching this summer! Stretching the body improves muscle elasticity, which increases muscle control, flexibility and range of motion. I find that Potomac Pilates is a perfect way to start a stretching routine without even knowing you’re doing it! 


Reformer Pilates


I have played soccer all my life, run almost everyday and certainly should understand the importance of stretching. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I do it. I have been trying to disregard my tight leg muscles, but reoccurring calf cramps encouraged me to seriously look into stretching. With a mother that teaches yoga you would assume I’d have no problem discovering helpful stretches and alleviating my pain. However, because of my active exercise history, I feel restless in slow paced yoga lessons. My mom (Lisa Johnson), also instructor at Potomac Pilates suggested I take more Potomac Pilates classes, which emphasize the recognized benefit of controlled dynamic stretching to reset muscle length.

I’ve learned that Performance Pilates classes use repetitions that both elongate and strengthen muscles, while still making you break a sweat. After only a few classes, I’ve noticed an improvement in my flexibility and overall muscle strength. So, I’d recommend you to loop on up at a Potomac Pilates class this summer to easily incorporate stretching into your exercise routine. 

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