Kara Parmelee

Kara is a former finance lawyer, and now consults in strategic crisis and risk management. She loves Pilates because it helps her find a different groove and connect with her body in a new way. She began taking classes in 2014, and it has been the most fun and rewarding exercise she has discovered.   When she first started, her body felt lethargic with creaky joints but Pilates has changed that dramatically. It has strengthened her body and increased her flexibility without fear of injury.   The RTR Pilates team has always been supportive, cheerful, funny, informative, and varied. Kara couldn't be more thrilled now to be part of such a fantastic group, and looks forward to helping her clients find their own groove. Just like she found hers.

Kara Parmelee instructs the following:
  • Level 3 | Pilates Class
  • Craving that muscle shaking, heart pounding, total-body workout experience? This is the class for you! This 55-minute advanced Pilates class is designed to redefine your body and strengthen your core leaving you longer, leaner, and more flexible than ever. You'll move quickly through a series of challenging exercises for an intense and exciting workout.

  • Level 2 | Pilates Class
  • If you're looking to kick your workout up a notch, then this 55-minute intermediate Pilates class is for you! Designed for the more experienced Pilates-goer, our Level 2 classes incorporate new exercises and increased repetitions to keep your workout challenging and fresh. Traditional Pilates principles are combined with innovative strength-training and cardio exercises to give you a serious full-body workout.

  • Level 1 | Pilates Class
  • New to Pilates? Need a gentler workout? This class is for you. This 55-minute long Pilates class uses the Balanced Body Allegro II Reformer to teach proper alignment and the fundamentals of Pilates. We incorporate traditional Pilates principles with innovative strength training and cardio exercises to give you a total body workout that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles. This class focuses on the basics and is designed to leave you feeling refreshed while also helping to improve strength, flexibility and core stability.