Reina Offutt

Reina Offutt is both the creative mind and owner of RTR Pilates. Since 2006, Reina has worked continuously to ensure a thriving business for both her employees, and her clients.  With six intimate, inspiring, and accessible locations, Reina plans to expand her business and personal goal to sculpt both the mind and body. She places a high importance on philanthropy. She firmly believes in giving back to the community, both personally, and professionally. Annually, Potomac Pilates donates more than $5000 worth of services to schools, charities, and organizations. The MOM-trepreneur is a proud mother of 2 two-legged children and 2 four-legged fur babies.  Reina holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Tulane University and a Masters in Business Administration from George Washington University.

Reina Offutt is currently not instructing any classes.