HH | Level 1/2 | Pilates Class

This class is taught by:

Joanne Gavula

Joanne’s journey to Pilates began as a client in 2013. An avid fitness enthusiast, tennis player and runner, Joanne began to feel that her weight training and cardio regimen had hit a plateau. Her work out routine had become too predictable and was getting stale. She needed a jump start so she set her sights on Pilates.
After her first month, she began to see uniform changes in her body that was the result of challenging specific muscles groups in a different way. More importantly, she had renewed energy and a deeper focus during her sessions that proved to be the key difference. Her strides piqued her interest to understand more about the discipline, so she enrolled in the training course offered through Potomac Pilates. “I learned that when you work your body without fully engaging your mind, fitness goals can be left unmet. The manner in which exercises are performed is much more significant than time spent." With a Master’s Degree in Education, Joanne’s decision to instruct was a natural progression. “My goal is to help clients realize that Pilates strengthens and nurtures the mind as well as the body, and is beneficial for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. It improves flexibility and develops a strong powerhouse which is the corner stone of movement in our daily lives.”
Joanne has two children who have since left the nest and lives in McLean with her husband Steve.

Alex Ansu

As a lifelong athlete, after taking her first Pilates class at a Rock The Reformer studio, Alex knew that she had found a different kind of athleticism. Pilates helped to improve her running, prevented injury and she found all of that happened within a short time. The machine’s potential for an infinite number of movements and exercises blew Alex’s mind. The rest is history!

Ayle Jach

Ayle (Ay-la ) is a native Washingtonian that recently moved back to the area after living in Israel for over six years. As a new mom, fitness junkie and Pilates addict, she found that Pilates helped shape her body both before and after pregnancy. She loves the enthusiastic environment of both the clients and instructors at Rock The Reformer and has set the goal to motivate herself as well as others on a daily basis. She earned her Rock The Reformer Instructor Certificate with hopes of helping all of the RTR clients find their Pilates passion. 

Molly Solebello

Molly fell in love with Pilates immediately after her first class. The variety of movements and emphasis on lengthening and toning are things you can't find in any other type of workout-- that's what keeps her coming back for more!

Fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of Molly's life, but she never found something that she was passionate about until Pilates. After just under a year of taking as many classes as possible, the next step was to become an instructor! Her love and passion for Pilates continues to grow every day-- so much so that, in May of 2015 she left the corporate world in her position as a Sales Executive at a local tech company to join Potomac Pilates full time as the Client Advisor. In this role she will continue the growth of current clients and show new clients just how amazing Pilates is!

Eden Ellis

Using the skills I have learned from being a Rock The Reformer client first and certified thru Balanced Body, I get to help clients discover what they are truly capable of physically and mentally. The longest and most important relationship we have during our lives is the one with our mind and body, Pilates is designed to bring both together to help us focus on being present in the moment. One of the crazy blessings in having emergency open heart surgery is how Pilates had kept me in shape before and helped me recuperate quickly after. It makes me so happy when a client achieves their true potential and has that beautiful “A-ha” moment in understanding what Pilates has done for them. I am so lucky to be a part of their journey!

Michele Bouquet

Michele is a native Washingtonian and lifelong fitness enthusiast. She began doing Pilates over 15 years ago and it soon became her primary form of resistance training when Rock The Reformer by Potomac Pilates first opened. She has been attending reformer classes daily ever since. When the opportunity presented itself to participate in RTR Instructor Training, she leapt at it. She has also completed the Balanced Body certification training for anatomy, mat and reformer. Michele is able to use her many years of knowledge from weight training, TRX, Pilates and yoga to create challenging classes that help others reach their fitness goals. When she’s is not teaching, Michele can be found taking long bike rides and working on her library of Pilates classes.
*HAPPY HOUR* This class is a great deal! A "Happy Hour" Level 1/2 Class is a class that is offered at half price (only $20 for drop-ins); otherwise it is just like a regular Level 1/2 class. New to Pilates? Need a higher fitness level than our intro class? This class is for you. This 55-minute long Pilates class uses the Balanced Body Allegro II Reformer to teach proper alignment and the fundamentals of Pilates. We incorporate traditional Pilates principles with innovative strength training and cardio exercises to give you a total body workout that will strengthen and lengthen your muscles. This class focuses on the basics and is designed to leave you feeling refreshed while also helping to improve strength, flexibility and core stability. The class will have the complexity of a Level 1 class, but the fitness level/pace of a Level 2 class.

Upcoming classes:

  • Mon Aug 21 1:15 pm - 2:10 pm with Joanne Gavula
    at RTR Pilates - Chevy Chase
  • Mon Aug 21 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm with Alex Ansu
    at RTR Pilates - Chevy Chase
  • Tue Aug 22 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm with Alex Ansu
    at RTR Pilates - Palisades, D.C
  • Wed Aug 23 3:15 pm - 4:10 pm with Sheri Foxman
    at RTR Pilates - Chevy Chase
  • Wed Aug 23 3:15 pm - 4:10 pm with Ayle Jach
    at RTR Pilates - Potomac
  • Wed Aug 23 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm with Molly Solebello
    at RTR Pilates - Palisades, D.C
  • Fri Aug 25 2:15 pm - 3:10 pm with Eden Ellis
    at RTR Pilates - Palisades, D.C
  • Fri Aug 25 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm with Michele Bouquet
    at RTR Pilates - Chevy Chase
  • Tue Aug 29 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm with Alex Ansu
    at RTR Pilates - Palisades, D.C
  • Wed Aug 30 3:15 pm - 4:10 pm with Ayle Jach
    at RTR Pilates - Potomac
  • Wed Aug 30 4:15 pm - 5:10 pm with Alex Ansu
    at RTR Pilates - Palisades, D.C
  • Fri Sep 01 2:15 pm - 3:10 pm with Eden Ellis
    at RTR Pilates - Palisades, D.C